Hunting for Deer in the Central Oregon Cascades
(Click on any picture to view the larger detailed picture.)

October 4, 2009, Central Oregon Cascades
North of Foster Lake and Green Peter Lake toward Detroit Lake.


A friend and me went hunting into the Central Oregon Cascades
for deer. This was my first time hunting were I wasn't just a
spectator. I'm not exactly sure where this pictures were taken
but we are maybe 5-8 miles east and between Green Peter Lake
on the south and Detroit Lake on the north.


I'm guessing this first couple of pictures were near Lucky Butte and
then the latter pictures were near Coffin Mountain and Bachelor



We saw white on the upper elevations early in the morning and
I thought it was just frost from the misty precipitation and cold
weather. It turned out to be bona fide snow - about 2 to 3 inches
of it. I didn't realize it at the time, but we were heading toward
the peak in this picture.

Here we are at the base of the rock formation that was on the
peak in the previous picture. And I turned around to take the
next picture.


An awesome sight. Clean, fresh, crisp mountain air. Just for
a few brief moments, all was right in the world.



I zoomed in to capture a little more detail.




A few more miles to the east...




These pictures can't begin to show how beautiful it is.




The Cascades looking west. The only thing I shot this day
were these pictures. We only saw 3 doe, 2 squirrels, and a
few quail. It was still worth the trip.