Around the city of Boston…

My walk through part of Boston’s Emerald Necklace…

(Click on any photo to view the full-size image.)

Entering Boston’s Emerald Necklace from the south end of the Riverway.

Goslings were everywhere.

Leverett Pond.

It was fairly warm, but cooler walking in the trees.

The smaller southern pond in Olmsted Park.

A nice boardwalk around part of the pond.

Entering Jamaica Pond area.

I can see it through the trees.

The rest of it…

The boathouse on Jamaica Pond where you can rent a rowboat.

Just off Jamaica Pond, Pinebank Promontory. A lovely place for a home.

Where the homes used to sit…

All in all, I walked about 5.5 miles. There is so much more to the Emerald Necklace than this. I’ll have to go see the rest soon!