Glacier NP

I spent 3 days in the Glacier National Park area. The scenery was awesome! Here’s some of the pictures I took during my trip.

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First view of the Rocky Mountains.
The 1st day was overcast, but the views were still nice. This is St. Mary’s Lake on
the east side of the Going To The Sun Road.
The cloud cover wrapped the mountains in a fog.
The view from Logan Pass, on the Going To The Sun Road.
I could live in a cabin here…
Mid September and there’s still snow in the higher elevations.
There were many views from the Going To The Sun Road.
I believe this is Avalanche Creek in the valley.
Near the end of the day, at McDonald’s Lake on the west end of the Going To The Sun Road.
Day 2, the sun was out. We entered the Going To The Sun Road in the west entrance.
We drove up to the Avalanche Creek Campground and walked the Trail of the
Cedars Nature Trail.
Along the Trail of the Cedars Nature Trial, there was a cutoff to the Avalanche
Lake Trail, another 2.3 miles, so we decided to hike that even though I did not bring
extra water nor my bear spray.
Avalanche Lake was spectacular! So pristine, with a water fall across the lake. The
hike that day was much longer than I expected but well worth the effort and pain.
The sunlight made the views from the Going To The Sun Road awesome!
Just awesome!
Continuing east we see St. Mary’s Lake again.
On Day 3, we did a shorter hike on the Swiftcurrent Lake Nature Trail. This 2.6 mile
trail was relatively flat and went around the lake.
Again, I could live here…
The water was very clear and reflected the green trees!
It was about this place that a black bear came walking down the path. We stepped
off the path to give him the right-of-way. He wasn’t interested in us, just a drink of
water from the lake.
Not a cloud in the Big Sky!
I’ll be going back again!

All pictures were taken with a Samsung Galaxy 8+ phone.